Writing Samples

Finding Aids

LibGuide: Graduate Student Library Orientation – Mathematics: Home

Mathematics undergraduate students generally are not required to use materials beyond their textbooks and lectures for their coursework, and often begin their graduate careers without research experience. This guide was created to help new mathematics graduate students navigate the library and its resources.  LINK

Selected Research Papers

19th Century Ichthyological Illustrations from the University of Hawaii Library’s Rare Book Collection

One of my favorite branches of science is marine biology.  In this survey of the fish books in the University of Hawaii’s Rare Book Collection, I investigated the art and science of ichthyological illustrations and how they reflected the scientific knowledge of their era.  This paper was accompanied by a 15 minute presentation of the common themes found in fish illustration and some examples of outstanding illustrations from the the collection.  PDF

Searching vs. Finding: A Demonstration of Finding Materials Using the OneSearch Discovery Tool and the EBSCO and ProQuest Platforms

This final paper for LIS 663 is an in-depth demonstration and explanation of how to use the Primo OneSearch discovery tool and two of the most popular database platforms, EBSCO and ProQuest.  PDF

A Brief Introduction to Diophantine Approximations

For my senior mathematics capstone paper, I combined two of my passions, Classical Greek and mathematics, and wrote about the work of an ancient Greek mathematician named Diophantus.  PDF

A Probabilistic Approach to a Parasite-Host Problem

This paper was based on the research of Dr. L. Neil Frazer about the effects of parasitic copepods on salmon populations. The paper was accompanied by a fifteen minute presentation that explored the equations used by Dr. Frazer in his research.  PDF

The Effect of Varying Photoperiods on a Closed System of Opae’ula (Halocaridina rubra) and Assorted Microalgae

Under the supervision of Dr. Gregory Witteman, Assistant Professor, I conducted an experiment to determine how different photoperiods affect the respiration of Halocaridina rubra, known locally as opae’ula. The project was the culminating experience for my Marine Option Certificate. I also presented my findings to a meeting of the Space Grant Consortium.  PDF